We are living through difficult times: our stable lives and the results of many positive changes have been swept away. Connections and partnerships have been lost, values and meanings are once again facing a crisis.

Today, it may seem that nothing but survival matters. But we don't believe this is true. Staying empathetic, helping people, protecting natural resources and the biosphere, supporting equal rights and opportunities — these are the most important fixed goals for the companies and NGOs that have been creating the country's sustainable development matrix for years.

We don't have ready-made solutions or right answers, manuals or navigators to show us a way to a bright, sustainable future. We do, however, believe, that, in the long run, responsible businesses and purposeful marketing will be able to help companies, brands, NGOs, public institutions and people in general to get back on the global agenda and continue moving forward and upward

Forum that has established itself

This year, Brands with Purpose will once again bring together participants of the sustainable transformation process in order to navigate the current situation, to maintain focus and preserve the infrastructure created through many years of effort, as well as to find the motivation to strive towards the future.




How to get there?

SKOLKOVO School of Management

Russia, 143025, Skolkovo, Moscow region, Odintsovo district, Novaya str., 100

Tuesday, October 25, 2022